Almost full!

I have been observing the activity of the hives throughout the week, and based on how busy both are, I think they can go another week before a full inspection.

I did however want to see how much room was left in the honey supers, so I just finished a “mini-inspection”. So I just removed the outer and inner covers, and took a quick peak at each one of the frames in the honey super. I didn’t remove the honey supers from the rest of the hive, and consequently didn’t not pull any frames out of the deep hive bodies.

West Hive seems to have slightly overtaken East Hive in productivity. There were 7 frames completely filled with honey and capped. All other frames had signs of progress, either comb building or already filled with honey but just not capped yet.

East Hive had about 5 frames fully filled and capped, but there was virtually no activity on either of the wall frames. The remaining 3 frames were in the progress of being filled.

I think I will try to assemble the remaining 20 frames and 2 additional honey supers, and maybe stack them on during the week. I think because of the nice warm weather, there is a good chance that there is enough nectar flow left to fill them at least partially.

Since I did not inspect the lower deep hive bodies, I don’t know how the Queens are doing. But considering the levels of activity, I’m pretty confident the odds are in my favor and all is well.

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