A little disappointed

It’s been a week since I put on the honey supers. It’s been very nice weather, sunny and warm. Yet, there was zero evidence of comb building activity in either super. Neither West Hive nor East Hive appeared to have mad any progress.

Maybe one week just isn’t enough, especially since I stopped feeding them syrup, but quite frankly, I was a little disappointed. I expected to see at least some beginnings of fresh comb.

In other news, looks like West Hive is finally kicking up the propolis production.

This is the inside of the inner cover of West Hive. You can see the orange areas where the bees have been applying their bee glue (propolis).

Here you can see the orange hue of the propolis in the upper hive body of West Hive. It now looks a lot more than what’s going on in East Hive.

No Queen sightings, but decent brood pattern and lots of new eggs. Both of them must have been around as of at least a couple of days ago.
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