Suuup It Up!

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The bees have been very busy, and their population numbers have practically exploded. Both hives are each occupying about 75% of their total hive space now. I think this coming weekend, it’s time to put on the first honey super. Honey supers are less deep (or more shallow) than the hive bodies. That’s because once […]

The quest for better smoke

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Today we got back sort of late from a fun weekend of camping, but it was still nice and sunny out, so I decided to quickly knock out the inspection to get it taken care of. But as a result, there aren’t all that many pictures this time. BUT – I totally forgot to mention […]

No Bees this weekend!

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The bees were supposed to be ready for pickup by this weekend. However, I just got a call from the apiary, and there was a problem with their supplier. It’s going to be another week. Bummer.

2 Boxes of Bees please

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Today I placed our order for two boxes of Bees and two queens. It’s literally a wooden box, with mesh screen sides, and each holds somewhere around 20,000 bees. They are sold by the pound, I ordered 4 pound boxes. I decided on Italian Honey Bees, they seem to be among the easier breeds for […]